Blue, Green and Yellow Vineyard Wedding

This colour scheme is where everything began. As soon as I got engaged, I started my search for the perfect wedding colours, and it was far from an easy decision. I fell in love with almost every combination I saw. I played around with colour scheme makers, went crazy on Pinterest, and went back and forth between ideas for a long time. However, from day 1, my fiancé suggested blue and green. I couldn't picture these two colours working together but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the right fit for our wedding. The colours were straight out of our engagement photos and suit our personalities. And as one of my bridesmaids pointed out, it's like blue for New England Patriots (my team) and green for Green Bay Packers (his team) which is a cute coincidence! After trying out a few different shades, we settled on navy blue, turquoise, kelly green and yellow. Our wedding will be rustic chic in a local vineyard, so the yellow helps warm up the navy and green colour scheme, which I found looked too formal on their own. The turquoise was added simply because that's one of my favourite colours - I couldn't do without it!


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