Girly Peach, Ivory and Gold Wedding Colour Scheme

This evening's colour scheme is an elegant mix of peach, ivory and gold. Peach has always been a favourite of mine and seems to be becoming more and more popular every year. I like it because it's almost like pink; it's still soft and feminine but has a warmer feel. It pairs well with ivory which isn't as bright or crisp as white. Together I find they give a wedding a bit of a vintage flair that would be perfect for an early summer wedding. Peach and ivory are easily pictured with gold and lace accents, as can be seen below. The gold adds the touch of glamour that many women dream of.

A gorgeous, glamorous, fairytale wedding was always what I envisioned for myself growing up. If I was getting married to myself, my wedding would be extremely girly. Likely, it would have ended up something like this colour scheme. There's a fiance in my story though so I took his personality into account when choosing our own wedding colours and we ended up with a compromise of colours he loves mixed with my girly accents. 


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