Green and Ivory Rustic Style Wedding

Green can be such a fresh colour when used the right way, and I chose several shades of green as my focus in this colour scheme. Emerald was once Pantone's colour of the year and naturally that particular shade gained a lot of popularity because of that, but I think a wedding centred on various shades of green is absolutely beautiful. In this palette, I didn't want to outshine the greens so I chose a simple ivory to pair with them. These colours fit nicely with with a rustic style wedding. Even though I'm a bit of a country girl, I'm not a huge fan of rustic themed weddings (no more burlap, folks, please!). That being said, I found that these earthy tones would feel out of place in a more elegant setting so I chose photos that styled the greens and ivory with my version of the rustic trend - modest decorations and a few wooded accents.

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