5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Within a few days of getting engaged, I had already started thinking of my wedding colours. I jumped right into the process without really thinking about anything else and because of this, our plans changed dramatically. It started out as a simple idea of blue and green, then for a while it was green, purple and yellow, eventually we thought we settled on navy and green. I then fell in love with "peacock" instead of navy. After a while, we added yellow accents, and then added burlap, removed the burlap and changed the yellow to pink. It was a bit of a roller coaster! It's really easy to get caught up in the excitement (which is fine - you absolutely should be excited!) and sometimes you may forget about some of the major aspects of your big day. I learned a lot along the way during my wedding planning and I'm hoping that my experience will help brides-to-be choose their wedding colours.

1. Consider your other half

This is always something that is at the top of the list for me. Unless you're getting married to yourself (like this lady), you should probably consider your other half when choosing your wedding colours. The first thing I did when I started brainstorming wedding colours was turn to my fiance and ask him what colours he wanted. Right off the bat, he said blue and green and we went from there, later adding in hot pink accents. Don't assume that your partner isn't interested in being part of this decision - they may have very valuable ideas!

2. Consider your venue

Take a look at the beautiful beach wedding ceremony pictured above. The light and bright colours work perfectly for this, but they may not work perfectly in other locations. Your venue will likely influence your choice in wedding colours. Try to also be mindful of the colours that you cannot control in your wedding - maybe your venue has dark purple carpets that you may not like with your peach and mint colour scheme. 

3. Consider your theme

This goes hand-in-hand with #2 - you may have a specific theme in mind for your wedding. Let your theme be your guide for your wedding colours. For example, a Cinco De Mayo Wedding may call for some bright oranges, yellows and turquoises, while a picnic wedding might draw on reds and yellows.

4. Consider the season you're getting married in

Sometimes, having a lot of dark colours can weigh down a spring or summer wedding, and too many bright colours can feel out of place at a winter wedding. Take a look at the calendar and consider what the weather tends to be like at that time of year wherever you are getting married. If you are getting married in a cooler climate in the fall, you're likely to have a beautiful backdrop of reds and oranges. Use the season to your advantage by bringing those warm colours into your wedding colour scheme! For a winter wedding, consider deep jewel tones to contrast the snow. If you celebrate Christmas you may want to consider something like this rustic red, blue and green colour scheme.

5. Consider current trends

I find that many people either love or hate trendy weddings. For my own wedding, I tried to break away from many trends that are currently flooding Pinterest because I want to look back on my wedding photos years from now and still love what I chose. Some people, on the other hand, want to look back on their wedding day and enjoy all of the memories from that specific point in time - styles included! Some wedding colour schemes that are really trendy right now include grey and yellow; mint and peach; and anything involving Pantone's colour of the year: marsala.


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