Powder Blue, Navy and Gold Cinderella Themed Winter Wedding

As you know, my wedding has come and gone. My wedding fever, however, has not. This is where my maid of honour comes in! We have been talking about our dream weddings since we were 12 and that conversation still happens all the time. She has recently been inspired by Cinderella themes and winter weddings. My dear best friend has ALWAYS loved blues and golds - we are cut from the same cloth that way - so I have created for her this lovely shades-of-blue palette with gold accents. I'm a winter baby and a Christmas fanatic so this collage got me really excited!

While turquoise and aqua seem to be increasingly popular these days, I love the understated powder blue of this colour scheme. They're soft and peaceful and would work perfectly with a light snowy backdrop. It also stands out incredibly against the darker navy and gold shades.



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