Burgundy, Navy and Yellow Snow White Themed Wedding

As you may have already seen, last week I posted a Cinderella-inspired wedding theme. It was based on various shades of blue and gold. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but the Disney idea is still stuck with me. My husband and I went to Disney World for part of our honeymoon back in August and we've been dreaming about our next Disney trip since we got back. Seeing as that trip won't be happening for a while, I decided to stick with the Disney colour schemes for now. Hopefully that will help hold me over for a while!

Snow White seemed to be a good choice for my next theme. The colours we typically associate with this princess are bold - red, blue and yellow - and I didn't want this colour scheme to feel too intense. After all, princesses are supposed to be elegant and classic! To tone it down a notch, I opted for deep shades of these three colours. Burgundy, navy and dark yellow/gold feel very regal as a group and with the right touches of woodland inspiration, this Snow White theme fell together very naturally.



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