Gold, Copper and Teal Metallic Pocahontas Themed Wedding

Number 4 in my Disney series was inspired by my all-time favourite princess, Pocahontas. I always related to her love for nature and animals and I was fascinated by her culture growing up. She seemed so graceful and intuitive and I aspired to be like her. Now that Anna and Elsa have taken over the Disney scene, Pocahontas hasn't been getting the attention she deserves and I was so excited to bring her into the spotlight with today's colour scheme. 

This theme focus on metallic golds and coppers. I can't get enough of these shades, especially copper. Copper is gold's rustic-feeling best friend. You still get the glamour aspect that gold and silver give you but in a subdued way. Copper isn't flashy or attention-grabbing but it can liven up many basic palettes. I also really enjoy the trendy mixed-metal look when it's paired with gold. 

I paired the copper and gold with the signature Pocahontas teal, inspired by her necklace. This beautiful colour brightens the entire theme. What I love about teal is that the shade can so easily be adjusted to fit any season. In the fall or winter, you may choose a deeper teal but in the spring or summer it can be lightened up to a more turquoise or aqua shade. I envisioned this wedding as a fall event, so I opted for a slightly darker teal. 

I hope you enjoy this theme as much as I do!



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