Red, Gold and Yellow Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

I'll admit - I never got into Beauty and the Beast. A lot of people absolutely go nuts over Belle but I never really had that connection. That being said, I'm really excited to see Emma Watson play Belle in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast that is being released in about a year and a half! I've noticed there's a lot of buzz about the new movie right now and I got a little more inspired to create this Belle-themed Disney wedding collage.

I hadn't seen the movie in ages, so I had to start off by doing some research. My research let me to lots of red roses and Belle's gorgeous golden-yellow gown and so I decided to go with these ideas as they seemed really prominent. Choosing the right yellow was difficult - I was afraid of it looking too green next to the deep reds, so I opted for a darker shade that was closer to gold. I really enjoy red roses because they're so timeless, and this beautiful bouquet by ALTflowers combined them with these incredible roses made out of pages from books. How much more Beauty and the Beast can you get?! 

All in all, I'm quite pleased with how this colour scheme turned out. I think I might have to curl up in bed and watch the movie again one of these days!



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