Shades of Pink and Gold Sleeping Beauty Themed Wedding

Isn't Sleeping Beauty just gorgeous?! I haven't seen the movie in years, but I ran into her at Disney World over the summer and she was just as stunning as ever. 

As a lover of pink, it took me no time at all to imagine a beautiful Sleeping Beauty themed wedding. I was inspired by the light and dark pinks in Aurora's dress and the gold of her crown. I love how warm this palette looks - in my mind, it would be perfect for a June wedding. In one of the photos below, the bride is surrounded by her bridesmaids who she has dressed in various shades of pink and I think the effect is absolutely stunning. It's an especially great idea as different shades of pink look better on different people. I know personally that unless I have a good tan going on, I can't pull off a light pink as well as a dark pink!

I'm also crazy about how royal the gold makes everything feel, this wedding is truly fit for the princess at heart. Looking to step away from the traditional gold? Try switching it out for rose gold!



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