Teal, Tiffany Blue and Aqua Elsa Themed Wedding

Long gone are the days when you could do anything Disney-related without seeing the characters from Frozen! When my husband and I were on our honeymoon at Disney World, it seemed as though most of the entire Hollywood Studios park was Frozen themed - they even had their own store. Olaf was also hosting a little show on the main stage and he freaked my husband out, because his mouth actually moved when he talked. He still reminds me about it! 

I decided to base my first Frozen themed wedding collage on Elsa, mainly because I absolutely adore the colour of her dress. That tiffany blue is stunning! For my take on an Elsa-inspired wedding, I chose to use various shades of this colour and I paired it with silver to really give it that icy feel. I envision this being a very sparkly wedding with lots of silver glitter! 

Can you guess who my next collage will be inspired by?



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