Lime, Black and White Unique Wedding Colour Scheme

Lime green is a great, vibrant colour and I think many brides shy away from it. If you aren't careful, too much lime can seem tacky or overpowering so people tend to keep it as a small accent, usually within their bouquets. However, there are so many beautiful ways to have lime be the focus of your wedding colour scheme! 

Take a look at what I've created below. For this palette, I have paired lime with a classic black and white theme. Our bright green remains the centre of attention - it isn't competing with any other colours. We also see slightly lighter shades of lime green too, and these offset any harshness that may have come from using such a bold colour. Having gold (rather than silver) accents warms the colour scheme up a lot as well.

If lime green is your absolute favourite colour - you should go for it! With the right touches, lime can make for a very classy yet unique wedding.



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