9 Excitingly Colourful Wedding Venues for Bold Brides Around the World

Sometimes just having colour in your outfits and decor simply isn't enough and the colour-loving bride needs to go the extra mile to make her wedding stand out. If that sounds like you, here are 9 colourful wedding venues that you're sure to fall in love with! 

1. Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Carousels tend to bring feelings of romance and nostalgia - a perfect combination for couples who enjoy the flashy lights of a carnival.

2. Seattle Aquarium, Seattle, Washington

The idea of getting married in an aquarium is oddly appealing. If you don't mind having a few aquatic guests at your wedding, this may be the venue for you! Perhaps a marine biologist's (or Little Mermaid fan's) dream?

3. Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario

The only one of the venues on this list that I've actually gone to myself - Casa Loma is a castle located right in the middle of Toronto and its bright stained glass is absolutely magnificent. 

4. The Grand Theatre, Wausau, Wisconsin

Ever dream of having your name in lights? If you're looking for a classy, vintage-style wedding venue, check out this Wisconsin theatre.  

5. Rainbow Chapel, Shanghai, China

This venue is worth looking up if you're getting married in Shanghai. Pictured above is one of the blue and green walls, but there are also walls of red, orange and yellow in this fantastic chapel!

6. Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York City, New York

On the hunt for an ultra-dramatic wedding venue? This location may just do the trick! This prestigious NYC building has a magical quality to it.

7. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan

Ever since I first discovered this garden, it's been a dream of mine to visit Japan. Can you imagine how extraordinary a wedding would be with purple and white wisteria hanging above you?

8. La Sirenuse Hotel, Positano, Italy

Italy is already amazingly romantic, but the sea-green and yellow floors of this hotel make it an even more astonishing wedding venue. 

9. Mount Yoshino, Japan

Every now and then you find a surreal place that you can't believe actually exists. This picturesque pink and grey Japanese landscape is one of them for me! 


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