Sangria and Orange Wedding Colour Scheme

I've been meaning to put together a sangria colour scheme for about a year now but I've never quite been able to find the perfect colour to compliment this gorgeous shade. I wanted something bright and kept leaning towards greens but found that I kept ending up with a result that looks a little too Christmas-y for my liking - and I'm a Christmas nut! Yellow didn't seem quite right either but it finally hit me to try orange.

I'm generally not a huge fan of orange. I find it a bit harsh and it' can be hard to get the perfect shade without it seeming too brown. Whenever I was trying to work with orange, I would try and counteract both of these aspects at the same time and that's where I was getting stumped. Sangria works best with bright, vibrant oranges that would otherwise seem too harsh. In this collage, we see sangria and orange with some lighter, peachy and tan accents that soften the bold shades just a tad so that they can work well for a summer wedding.

Details I love:
  • The tin case vase set on books for centrepieces
  • The orange outline of the boutonniere's rose
  • The perfectly imperfect floral arrangements



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