Six Unexpected Pantone Colours for Spring 2016 Weddings

Pantone's top 10 colours for Spring 2015 included some unique shades that normally aren't entirely associated with Spring. If you're interested in following this season's colour trends, here are some fun ways that you can incorporate six of the 10 hues in your wedding.

Snorkel Blue: Perhaps my favourite among the top 10 colours for Spring 2016, Snorkel Blue is a lighter variation of navy. Try pairing with: Emerald, Ivory.

Iced Coffee: This tan shade strikes me as a fall colour, and it's refreshing to see for Spring this year. Try pairing with: Blush, Aqua.

Limpet Shell: The nerd in me couldn't handle not knowing what a limpet was. In case you were also wondering, it's an aquatic snail with a cone-like shell. The inside of the shell is this gorgeous light turquoise colour. Try pairing with: Gold, Burgundy.

Buttercup: What a bright, happy colour! This would be beautiful after a long winter. Try pairing with: Coral, Light Green

Fiesta: This colour makes me smile - it's very bold but makes for an exciting accent colour. Try pairing with: Blush, Mint.

Lilac Grey: Is it purple? Is it grey? Ambiguity is stunning when it comes to this colour! Try pairing with: Peach, Dark Green.

Well, there you have it. This selection of colours is bold, fun and unexpected and I'm looking forward to seeing how they end up being used over the course of the season! 


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