Navy, Mustard and Grey Rustic Wedding Colour Scheme

I tend to lean on my friends a lot for colour inspiration when my mind goes blank and today (without warning her) I relied on my best friend's wedding dreams for my colour scheme. She has loved navy and mustard for a long time. I've never seen anyone pull off mustard like she does, and I can clearly remember not liking the colour until she brought it into my life. She's good like that.

I'm glad she did enlighten me though because mustard is a stunning colour. I love how it's still a bright colour without the harshness of a lemon or canary yellow. It has a rustic, autumn-like feel and surprisingly enough, it pairs well with many other colours - burgundy in particular comes to mind. My friend also loves calla lilies and in my research today I discovered that yellow calla lilies exist. I thought they were only white, so this is exciting news to me!

Today I mixed mustard and navy with a light grey and a dark grey. I find these colours help neutralize the palette, making it less in-your-face with colour. They also add a layer of sophistication to the entire colour scheme. Plus, yellow and grey just work so well together!

It's all in the details:

  • Cardigans everywhere! 
  • A mix of light and dark grey bridesmaids dresses
  • Subtle navy and white patterned bowtie 


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