Peach and Lavender Spring Wedding Colour Scheme

Why has it taken me a year and a half to create this beautiful colour combination?! Peaches, as you may know, are one of my favourite things in the world, and the colour is pretty great too. In fact, it's the colour of my nails right now - adorable polish colour, in case you were wondering! Peaches and peach-flavoured anything are what make my world turn. Seriously. I can't stress this enough.

So when I was trying to figure out a new idea for a peachy, springy colour scheme I knew I wanted to stick with something that felt natural and floral. I ended up choosing lavender based on one of my favourite spring/summer flowers, lupins. Lupin season is really short around here, but I absolutely adore them. I love that they pop up absolutely everywhere and brighten up even my apartment building's parking lot with pinks and purples.

If you ask me, lavender is the perfect companion to peach. Check out the collage below for some ideas to inspire your own peach and lavender wedding!

It's all in the details:

  • Lupins in the bouquet - of course! 
  • Lavender decorations on the peach bellinis
  • A ruffled lavender wedding cake


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