Shades of Coral and Teal Tropical Wedding Colour Scheme

Another bride request inspired today's colour scheme. This bride sent me a photo of a coral and teal bouquet and asked for a palette that was based on these these colours. Both of these colours are very popular but surprisingly enough I found it a little tough to find anything combining the two that I didn't find tacky.

After a lot of searching, I finally found enough that I liked so that I could pull this colour scheme together. I adore the tropical feel that these colours offer and I can definitely picture this working well for a beach or destination wedding. To make this colour palette feel a little more complete, I added in mint and peach because it's nice to have varying shades within your wedding decor. It keeps it from feeling too flat and can help you immensely if you're decorating your wedding yourself. You don't need to stress as much over finding the exact shade!

It's all in the details:

  • Mint bridesmaids dresses with coral for the MOH
  • Cake flowers in shades of peach and coral
  • Teal and coral paper lanterns to mark an entry

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