Copper, Ivory and Grey Classic Wedding Colour Scheme

Some brides aren't into flashy, bright colours and I'm noticing that opting for subtlety in a wedding in becoming more and more common. I really admire couples and decorators who can take the simplest colour schemes and transform them into something sophisticated and classy - going back to the basics is a surefire way to make sure that your wedding has a timeless elegance. 

Simplicity doesn't mean that you're limited in options! In fact, it's likely that you'll find even more decorations by sticking to a few classic neutrals. A great way to shake things up while still keeping a subdued palette is to add a metallic. In the colour scheme below you can see that I've paired greys and ivory with copper - an exciting and unique choice for weddings. The result is a colour combination that's versatile and elegant with a touch of personality!

It's all in the details:
  • Unique copper geometric lanterns
  • Copper lettering on grey stationary
  • Dark grey plates on copper chargers



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