Shades of Purple with Black and Green Wedding Colour Scheme

Want to know what I think is the most underrated colour when it comes to wedding colour schemes? Black! Black is typically not associated with weddings beyond the whole "black tie" dress code that some people opt for, but every now and then, someone chooses black as one of their wedding colours and more often than not, the results leave me absolutely floored. What I especially love is when people pair it with exactly the right colours and make it completely suitable for a summer wedding!

Obviously, black is considered a pretty bold choice for a wedding colour due to it's connection to funerals. However, I definitely don't think anyone should shy away from using it in their wedding based on the thought that it may come across as too morbid, depressing or goth-style (for some of you, that could be just the look you're going for, and that's awesome!). Black is obviously very versatile and can be paired with just about anything for a classic look, and classic is what I was going for when I was putting together this colour scheme.

I did my best to keep this colour scheme balanced. I paired black and dark purple with a lighter shade of purple and a fairly light green. Having some pops of lighter colours helps keep the overall palette from feeling too weighed-down, but I love that the focus is still on the darker colours. They're eye-catching and dramatic, without being overwhelming. As usual, I lean toward combining these colours with ivory over crisp white, but that's a personal preference! I'm an ivory kind of lady!

Need another bonus to having black as a wedding colour? Your bridesmaids will probably love having a little black dress that they actually WILL wear again - not just say they will to be polite and please the bride!

It's all in the details:

  • A black-painted wine bottle with gold lettering
  • Pops of dark purple and light green mixed into an ivory bouquet
  • A stunning light purple dress complemented by a black suit

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