Turquoise and Sunflower Yellow Rustic Wedding Colour Scheme

If you ask me, sunflowers are the ultimate rustic wedding flower. As soon as I see them, my mind jumps to fields and farms and old back roads. I've always loved them and I can remember planting sunflower seeds in styrofoam cups at school, then taking them home to plant in our garden and watching them grow taller than me. They make me think of late August, sunsets and bonfires. I can't be the only one who these flowers bring back memories for!

This colour scheme is perfectly matched to a rustic wedding. It has the golden yellow of the sunflowers mixed with a bright, happy turquoise. Turquoises and teals are colours that tend to look good on most people, so they make a great choice for things like bridesmaid dresses. Turquoise also stands out just enough from the yellow without looking out of place. Both colours look stunning paired with wooden accents and I'm particularly loving the use of the wine barrel as pictured below. My husband and I got married at a winery and had barrels throughout our ceremony and reception as signing tables, cake tables and guestbook tables!

It's all in the details:
  • A teal sash on a bridal gown
  • Hanging sunflower bouquets with rope
  • A teal vase holding a solitary sunflower as a centrepiece

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