Lavender, Ivory and Grey Romantic Wedding Colour Scheme

Haven't we all at one point in our lives dreamed of that perfect fairytale wedding? I know I sure have, even though my own wedding's style was quite a bit different than I would have imagined it being years and years ago. For those of you still planning on that soft, romantic style, I have the perfect wedding colour scheme for you!

Shades of lavender are the focus of this beautiful colour palette. Slightly less frilly and feminine than a pink wedding, lavender is soft and elegant without having too much of that "little girl" feeling. Balanced with a typically masculine shade (grooms are sure to appreciate this!), this colour scheme, in fact, feels mature and put-together. Personally, I like how it pairs with ivory as opposed to white, but I'm an ivory kind of girl in general. If you're looking for another colour to add to this, I'd suggest a light sage - I'm picturing this with actual sprigs of lavender, how lovely would that be?!

It's all in the details:
  • Matte grey charger plates
  • Floor-length lavender bridesmaid dresses
  • A stunning ivory rose bridal bouquet
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