Mint, Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour Scheme

Is there any colour or combination of colours that doesn't pair well with a gold accent?! I haven't found one yet! I just love the simple elegance that gold adds to a wedding's overall theme.

This colour scheme is based around two colours that are in the same family - emerald and mint. Both shades of green, these two are a natural pair. With one dark and one light, this colour scheme is easily adaptable for a wedding in any season. You can't go wrong! Mint and emerald are both popular colours, making them easy to find if you're taking a DIY approach to your wedding.

Another fun trend that can be brought in with these colours is ombre. Ombre seems to be everywhere lately, and I'm loving the subtle but powerful effect it can have in wedding decor. Have you seen any ombre wedding cakes? When done right, they're gorgeous and definitely worth checking out!

It's all in the details:

  • An ombre stone necklace on a gold chain
  • Mismatched bridesmaids dress
  • A gold glittery tablecloth
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