Greyed Jade and Pink Elegant Wedding Colour Scheme

Another reader request today! This was a recommendation from a couple who was looking for the perfect pop of colour to go with a colour they had already fallen in love with - dusty shale. Dusty shale happens to be very similar to Pantone's Greyed Jade which has been a huge hit in the wedding industry.

The couple had done some Pinterest-ing already and I have to agree with them that most of the Greyed Jade that we see online is found in a rustic setting. This poses a bit of a problem for them though as they're getting married in a church with a reception in a ballroom - definitely not your typically rustic venue. I feel for this couple because rustic themes are tremendously popular and it can be tough to sort through the thousands of ideas out there.

In this colour scheme, I've paired Greyed Jade with grey as the men's suits for this wedding are going to be grey. I love a grey suit - my husband and his men wore grey at our wedding too. For the pop of colour, I went with peach and pink to bring a feminine elegance to this palette. They're also versatile colours as well and tend to match well with a lot of different decor which is important when you're planning an indoor wedding. When you get married in a church and hold an indoor reception, you end up having to work with wall colours and floor colours - these aren't things that you can easily mask.

It's all in the details:

  • Varying shades of peach flowers in the bouquets
  • Grey and white patterned table runners
  • Greyed Jade bowties 

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