Magenta, Orange and Grey Bold Wedding Colour Scheme

Know what colour I absolutely adore but don't give enough attention to?



I love magenta!

I've been known to be a bit of a fan of the colour pink over the years and I couldn't make it through my own wedding without a little magenta myself. My shoes were actually dyed magenta and they were such a fun pop of colour under my dress! The planning didn't feel right until I made the decision to switch out my yellow accents for magenta.

I used it as an accent colour, but it takes a really bold couple to rock it as a main colour, especially when paired with an equally bright shade! In this colour scheme, magenta was matched with orange for a fun and exciting combination. This pairing could easily end up a mess in the wrong hands, but I balanced them in this palette with a medium grey and I absolutely love the effect it has. Check it out for yourself!

It's all in the details:

  • A stunning dark grey wedding gown
  • Pink/orange gradient ribbon along each tier of a white cake
  • A beautiful blend of darker pinks and brighter pinks in the florals

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