Mustard and Emerald Vintage Rustic Wedding Colour Scheme

While I'm not a fan of it on my hot dogs, I must say - I love the colour mustard. There's something so uniquely vintage that it adds to any colour scheme it's part of. Incorporating vintage styles into your wedding day is quite popular and with good reason. The end result is usually stunning! 

In this colour scheme, I've kept it pretty simple by focusing in on two main colours - mustard and emerald. While mustard is a more muted colour, emerald is more bold and vibrant, bringing life and a modern touch to this palette. If you're looking to add in another colour for a little something extra, I would highly recommend trying out mint! My favourite neutral for this? I'd have to say a dark grey. 

It's all in the details:
  • Pears as a focal point on a simple white cake
  • A mix of emerald and mustard coloured jars
  • Mismatched bridesmaids dresses in varying shades of emerald and mustard

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