Pink and Pastel Unique Wedding Colour Scheme

The main inspiration behind this colour collage was the beautiful, colourful bouquet in the bottom left corner. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to create something around it. I figured it would come to me pretty easily if I tried to find more from the pastel rainbow. For some reason though, I was having a really hard time. Sticking to pastels wasn't giving me the vision I had in my head - the look was simply too soft. I needed this to still pack a punch. Once I realized this, I took a closer look at that bouquet and added a bolder pink to the mix and that was it! It stood out wonderfully against the pastels. Perfection!

What I love most about this wedding colour scheme is that it's youthful and whimsical. It feels like a warm summer day, running through the sprinkler and eating popsicles. It's not too serious and I'd imagine that a wedding with this colour palette would be an absolute blast to attend!

It's all in the details:
  • Bubblegum pink Converse for the bride
  • Bright florals in pastel mason jars
  • Sand-coloured tuxes with colourful accents

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